Free Range Meat and Certification​

All of our meat listed as Free Range are Certified and comes from specially selected farmers. Most have been farming for many years and understand that the best meat comes from the happiest animals. We visit our farmers frequently and have built up a strong relationship based on honesty, trust and the highest of ethical business practices. In addition, we are constantly on the look out to extend our range of quality, ethically farmed meats. Our principles on ethical farming with a focus on uplifting local farmers means we only stock the finest meat and meat products. If the meat is not in line with our principles, we will not stock it or supply it to our customers.


Organic Fruit and Vegetables and Certification​

All our produce in Organic Goodness Section comes from local farmers who practice sustainable farming. We support small local farmers, therefore, not all our farmers are certified organic due to the high costs involved to get certification, but they still practice natural farming as we visit these farms and approve of their farming methods and standards before adding them to Virgin City Fields. 

Having said that we also have produce in the Organic Goodness Section that is Certified Organic as well.



Raw Milk Certification​

Our raw milk is certified and regularly tested.

Please email us should you require more information about certification.