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I Replaced My Entire Beauty Routine With Only Cannabis Products

Where has this been all my life!

I am aware that the beauty world has been hitting the cannabis craze hard, but for some reason I just brushed it off as another gimmick product much like all the products I've tested out.. I've even heard all the facts showing that CBD and THC can reduce inflammation and pain when applied topically.. some have even gone as far as calling it 'Botox in a bottle' for its anti-aging properties.. I spent some time googling and was smothered with Cannabinoidal scientific this and that,that I shunned it off to 'too much reading'... the list goes on and on

Just over a year ago a friend of mine went to the coast and came back with a newfound obsession with edibles—and some seriously glowing skin. When I asked her what was going on with her face, she casually said she'd started using infused oils and cannabis beauty products and thought they were helping with her acne. The radiance probably had more to do with a stress-free vacation than a skin care product I thought because she had just started using, but it was enough to pique my interest in weed-based beauty.

Fast forward to perspective change >>

A few months later I decided to give it a try as I had already ran out of my very expensive all natural anti-aging serum..yes anti-aging at 29 because I'm sure my over indulgent coffee fetish is bound to catch up with me at some point and because heck wrinkles scare me :)

About a week or so later I walked past the bathroom mirror with my makeup free face and you know that feeling you get when you expect to see that all natural beachy sunkissed stressed free face but instead you see a sick victorian child who isnt going to make it through the winter? (im sure it doesnt just happen to me?) anyway to the point can you imagine my shock when I really did look sunkissed and GLOWING!

I now have just two products that I use for my skin the Canna Anti Aging cream and the Canna Beauty Bar that's also Infused with African Black soap if you don't know about African Black Soap and its ancient benefits for skin GURRRRL you better start!

I always had a mix of very dry , oily blotchy skin with some sunspots.. I struggled to get it to look half decent naturally without makeup and just awake and vibrant ..Now my skin is not perfect but the difference I've seen so far is enough for me to shout from the highest mountain!

And while I may not be ready to join my friend on her weekend edible trips away, I can safely say

I now get the buzz around cannabis beauty!




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