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Why I thrift

My thrifted clothing haul last week

I got 3 tops and a pair of jeans for R150! but more importantly so many people don't know anything about fast fashion, how it came about and its impact on the environment. I recently came across a documentary called "The True Cost" and while I cant agree with everything as I have more capitalist views there was some truth that cant be ignored.. Fast fashion is on the rise and big brands that I KNOW you know use child labor some as young as 2 years old :'(

Yes, I have my metal straws and try save on plastic as often as possible but what never crossed my mind were my clothes. In today's world life is about buying more and spending less, getting rid of pieces more and wearing pieces less.. adding to a huge waste problem... have you ever thought about what happens to your old pair of jeans after you throw them in the bin? textile waste is HUGE!

I have recently decided to shop more ethically when it comes to my clothes and disposing of them in a more ethical way either reselling or giving them to someone in need instead of straight to the bin.

I am also in the process of selling all my clothing and working towards a capsule wardrobe , if you aren't familiar with this term Pinterest has so much inspiration! My biggest problem is having a top and nothing to match it or a pair of pants with no shoes to go with them and vice versa.. So what I have learnt so far that I really wish I had known sooner is working with color palettes that suite you and sticking to them creating a neutral flow when selecting pieces resulting in needing less and sticking to the basics.

For now I recycle by buying secondhand and while some of you might not be very comfortable doing that it has worked out really great for me! If you are looking at more ethical brands South Africa has tons, Ecopack has a listed quite a few on thier website and Im sure if you do a little research on brands that you like you will be able to find out if they too make their clothing ethically.

As a culture we need to stop being stimulated by trendy fashion, we need to hold onto things more and consume things less. I think before I buy and only buy items that I truly need.


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